I am a Senior Lecturer (equivalent of Assistant Professor) in the Department of Statistics and Operations Research at Tel Aviv University. My research focuses on developing and implementing statistical methods in widespread domains, with emphasis on methods for causal inference and survival analysis in biomedical settings.

Additionally, I have ongoing collaborations with clinicians, epidemiologists, economists, and computer scientists in academia and health organizations with our goals often being reaching conclusions about causal effects from rich datasets.

I am a member of the TAD Center for AI and Data Science and the Tel Aviv University Center for Combating Pandemics. I organize TAU’s Statistics Seminar and serve as an Associate Editor on Biometrics.

I have started my current position at 2018, after completing 3 years of postdoctoral fellowship at the Biostatistics and Epidemiology departments at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, working with Donna Spiegelman, Molin Wang, Sebastien Haneuse, Judith Lok, and being part of Shuji Ogino’s  Molecular Pathological Epidemiology (MPE) lab. I received my PhD (2016) from The Department of Statistics at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem under the supervision of Ya’acov Ritov. During my time at HUJI, I also worked with David Zucker and Micha Mandel.

Contact Info:

Email: danielnevo@gmail.com

Department of Statistics and Operations Research

Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv 69978, Israel